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  1. Novocaine (ˈnəʊvəˌkeɪn) n (Pharmacology) a tradename for procaine hydrochloride. See procaine No•vo•caine (ˈnoʊ vəˌkeɪn) Trademark. a brand of procaine. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. novocaine - procaine administered as a hydrochloride (trade name Novocain) Novocain, procaine hydrochloride.
  2. Novacaine – one of Good Chemistry Nurseries’ top sativa dominant strains is of medium density with heavy trichome coverage. These green, piney smelling buds taste sweet and earthy, and may provide a combination of feeling amplified accompanied with a relieving full body lift.
  3. Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Novocain Injection.
  4. May 22,  · Novocaine is the brand name for a local anesthetic called procaine. It is a local anesthetic medication that is used to numb a particular part of the body.
  5. A trade name for procaine, a local anesthetic. “Novocaine” is often loosely used to signify any local or topical anesthetic in discussions with laypersons.
  6. Aug 16,  · “Novacaine” was the first single from 10 Years eighth album (How To Live) As mangwoodjeteadosenpiconsohademo.xyzinfo Jesse Hasek wrote it about how people get desensitized and numb to life as they get older. It became.
  7. Novocaine is the commercial name for procaine, a local anesthetic.. Novocaine, frequently mis-spelled, may also refer to. Songs "Novacane" (song), a song by Frank Ocean and the mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra "Novacane", a song by Beck on the album Odelay "Novacaine" (song), a song by 10 Years on the album (How to Live) As Ghosts "Novocaine", a song by Alice Cooper on the album.
  8. Novacaine FAQ's presented by the Dental Health Directory Find answers for Novacaine issues and problems related to dosages or ineffectiveness, medications, sedation meds and other dentistry materials.. Learn new fix treat repair replace options.

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