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really. All above told the truth..


3 thoughts on “ Through My Sails

  1. May 07,  · Young then takes the action indoors and the video continues with a bust out of “Good To See You” (first time played since October ) followed by the live debut of “Through My Sails.
  2. Last verse Wind blowing through my sails It feels like I'm gone Leaving with the wind blowing Through my sails Really, the chord changes are just simple hammer-ons and pull-offs. As you can see, I learned this song by ear so please go ahead and experiment with what sounds right to .
  3. Through My Sails est une chanson de Neil Young,. Through My Sails lyrics. Still glaring from the city lights Into paradise I soared Unable to come down For reasons I'd ignored. Total confusion Disillusion New things I'm knowin' I'm standing on the shoreline It's so fine out there Leaving with the wind blowing But love takes care. Know me, know.

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